Blending two families can get very complicated. Marriage and family therapy can be a great tool to help two families successfully combine their lives.

marriage and family therapyMarriage and Family Therapy to Help Step-Parents

Parenting is difficult, but step-parenting adds a whole new degree of difficulty. Marriage and family therapy can help step-parents identify their role within the family. It can also help couples deal with any blended family issues that may be putting a strain on the marriage.

Marriage and family therapy can also help step-parents develop a positive relationship with step-children. The focus of a lot of marriage and family therapy sessions is on how and when step-parents should begin disciplining children. 

Marriage and Family Therapy to Help Children 

Marriage and family therapy is important for children too. Most children in blended family have undergone many changes in their lives and adjusting to a blended family can be difficult.

With the help of marriage and family therapy, children in blended families can learn anything from how to get along with step-siblings, how to develop a relationship with a step-parent and how to deal with complicated feelings.

How Marriage and Family Therapy Works

Marriage and family therapy is based on a family’s needs. While some sessions may only include the parents, other sessions may include everyone in the family.

The family establishes goals together about what they want to get out of therapy and the therapist helps them reach their goals. There are often a variety of activities families participate in during sessions and sometimes families are assigned homework.