Grapevine Behavioral believes in practical, effective therapeutic techniques. Our belief is based on the theory that our actions and thoughts determine our feelings. And that is good news. It means that we can restructure our feelings by restructuring our actions and behaviors. Our techniques have been shown to be more effective than other general therapeutic practices. Our therapy and counseling is therefore based on what is commonly known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The end result is that you and your therapist will collaborate on a plan to help you help yourself. We believe that in many cases, you will be involved in therapy for a short period of time. Feel free to look up cognitive behavioral therapy online, and see how it will fit your needs.

When you need us, we are available. If a crisis arises after hours or on weekends, our emergency phone is manned by one of our clinicians who has been trained in, and has worked in, crisis intervention situations. We believe that the most successful clinicians are those who have a broad and varied spectrum of experience. When you read our bios on the Meet Our Therapists page, you will see that we have been on the front lines of mental health care.

For our clients who prefer faith-based counseling, many of our clinicians have been active in our own faiths, and will provide appropriate care to meet your needs.

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